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Added products and service to help you get the most out of your system.

There's an exceptionally wide range of high-powered products designed to work seamlessly with ACT! to help you get the maximum benefit from your system — everything from online and self-paced training systems, to custom reports, tools and technical support.

Here's the ones we think provide the most "bang for the buck", and have a long reputation of reliablilty and ease of use:

Links to PDA (Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, etc.)
Always-On, Wireless connection between ACT and your Blackberry/iPhone/Windows-Mobile/Palm-Treo/PocketPC

Enhanced ACT quotes
Links ACT! and Quickbooks. Allows you to push/pull data to/from Quickbooks, create and view Invoices, Estimates, Payments, Sales Receipts, Sales Orders Credit Memos. View overdue balances and financial data for past 5 years of all Quickbooks Companies, and much more. Click Here to see a demo!

Quote-Werks. Powerful advanced Quoting package, fully integrated with ACT!

Also integrates with ACT for Web. (for pricing discounts, contact Daniel at

On-Screen Information Display Enhancements
If you like the ACT Dashboard, you'll love this enhanced graphics Dashboard! Does all the on-screen displays that generic ACT Dashboard can't do.

Durkin Computing, Addons for ACT by Sage, ACT 2007, ACT 2008 The best suite of enhancements to every view in ACT including CONTACT LIST, TASK LIST, CALENDAR VIEW, et al.

Unlocks the "Custom tables" feature built into ACT! 2008v10-02 and later. Comes with dozens of pre-programmed industry templates.

File Manager— Reduce the size of your ACT! database by removing Files from ACT Documents tab  Click Here to see a demo!

Improved Reports
Crystal Clear Essentials— 15 of the most-requested Reports not currently in ACT!  Click Here to samples of all reports

Customize and create your own ACT reports with Stonefield Query!

Enhanced Phone Dialer

One click dialing from ACT! and ability to take notes during the call.

Data Imports from Emails/Web Pages
An amazing suite of tools to pull Prospect addresses from any list/email/website!

Resolved the ACT! inability to import to Opportunities, Companies, Groups, Histories, Notes and Activities

Finally, a foolproof method to import your SalesForce database into ACT!

Data De-Duplication
Low priced, yet very powerful tool. Includes "fuzzy" matching for more comprehensive duplicate reduction!

The most robust duplicate analyzer available!

Self-Paced Training
Self-paced, ACT Basics Training Courses for $70 per year. Courses on E-Marketing and Opportunities for $35 per year.

Other Add-ons
Synchronize ACT! with Outlook and Exchange

Software for
  • Customer Service
  • Help Desk
  • Call Tracking
FREE evaluation downloads here!

Web enable

      ANY application,
      ANYWHERE in the world,
      over the Internet

Take a "Test Drive" today

Add-On Reseller Stores
Click here for the biggest selection of ACT! Add-ons on the web!

<--Check out this huge inventory of ACT improvement tools!

Email/Fax Distribution
Sign up for a free 60 day trial! Great tool to effortlessly send bulk email batches to your ACT! Contacts! If you have ACT 2010 or later, Swiftpage is embedded in the product, and you can sign up for your 60 day trial here.

<--Click Here to get a toll free fax number without having to buy a seperate phone line. Then Click Here to install the free Addon that will let you send faxes directly from your ACT database without having to stuff paper into a fax machine.

The only solution that works with winFax PRO and Micorsoft Fax to send faxes directly from your ACT! database.
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